Welcome to Florian Cinetivu - Bologna


Our main productions will be listed below:


Dubbing of cartoon series and documentaries for Junior TV for a total of 400 episodes.

Dubbing of the television drama “Maccaroni”, broadcasted on Rai1 channel.


Recording of several fairy tales for children with Paolo Poli.

Dubbing of the latest film by Mario Bava, “Cani Arrabbiati”


Dubbing of the cartoon “La Freccia Azzurra” with Dario Fo.


First in Italy, in 1992, to create a video game in Italian (the memorable “Sam & Max”).

We have carried out the localization and dubbing of all video games imported and distributed in those years by CTO SpA, including “cult” titles as the series “Star Wars” with all the sequels and prequels, all editions of “FIFA Soccer”, “Indiana Jones”, “Dungeon Keeper, 1 & 2”,“Grim Fandango”,” The Ring of the Nibelung”, “Monkey Island 3 & 4” and countless others.

This activity has led us to have relations of intense collaboration with
the major companies worldwide as Electronic Arts and Lucas Arts (the videogames division of Lucas Films).

Such latter major label called us to edit directly the sync of our audio tracks in its studios of San Francisco receiving for two consecutive years the “Best Regards and Congratulations”  by the Voice Department LucasArts Entertainment for the best dubbing among the European studios which edited the localisation of “Indiana Jones” and “Monkey Island”.


Dubbing and post-synchronization of 39 episodes of animated puppetsBello come un rospo” for RAI Educational channel.

For National Geographic: dubbing, post-synchronization, sound synchronization and mixing of the documentary “Leonardo, the man behind the Holy Shroud?”

2001- 2007 

Italian version of the video games of some French and Canadian software houses productions: Ubi Soft and Wanadoo, including: “Rayman 3”, “Post Mortem”, “Raven Shields”, “Cold Fear”, “Alexander”, “Myst 3 & 4”, “Uru”, “Brothers in Arms” and “Open Season”

 Dubbing and mix, for Dynit studio, of the Japanese cartoons series “Ayashi no CeresandFushigi Yugi”.


Dubbing and 5.1 mixing for the home video version of several films for DNC in Florence.

Integrations of live recording in the movie “Il cuore altrove” by Pupi Avati.

Video editing, cleaning and restoration of the sound of the last theatrical performance by Marcello Mastroianni, “Le ultime lune“.


Several documentaries (internal technical audio-visuals) for many automotive companies, among which: Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes.

Many audio guides for renowned Italian museums, including one in seven languages for the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.


Numerous documentaries of the series Geo&Geo broadcasted on channel Rai3.


Different national commercials including Alcenero, Infinity, Volvo, Cifo, Scrigno and many others.


Audio Restoration for the movie “Alambrado” by Marco Bechis, either in the Argentinian or in the Italian version.


Realization of the 2014 Football World Cup eBook published by Moruzzi’s Group Publisher, in Italian and English.




Mixing of the movie “Man in the river” by Paolo Muran, a director from Bologna.

 Production of six documentaries in five languages for Iveco.


Production of the LibreOffice – former OpenOffice – pack guide in different languages.

Production of various audio-visuals for Conserve Italia.


Mixing of the movie “Mi chiamo Renato” by Paolo Muran, a director from Bologna.


Mixing in 5.1 of the movie “Mare di grano” by Fabrizio Guarducci,  a director from Florence.


Mixing of the movie Tutto il palazzo by Paolo Muran.

     Mixing of the movie Felix Pedro by Paolo Muran.     

Production for Volkswagen – Audi – Skoda of some documentaries in Italian language for internal communication.

      Realization of the audio for the documentary produced by La Doc about Vittorio Giardino, a cartoonist from Bologna.


Mixing in 5.1 of the film “The arrow of time” by a director from Bologna, Carlo Sarti;

Realization in Italian for Volkswagen – Audi – Fiat of various documentaries for internal communication;

Mixing of the documentary “Frankenstein Senior” by Carlo Sarti and produced by Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna;

Mixing and recording of the voice over (Riccardo Rovatti) for the short “Indescrivibile” by Alessandro Leo.